North West Cabinet Reshuffle – Premier Lost the Plot

Chris Hattingh MPL

Democratic Alliance North West Provincial Leader

The latest and long awaited North West cabinet reshuffle announced appears to have nothing to do with attempts to revive service delivery in the province but more with ANC factional divisions and the posturing for Mangaung 2014.

The Premier, in an unprecedented step reshuffled 80% of her cabinet, dismissed three MECs, and then rearranged her cabinet leaving only two MECs, Masike (Health) and Mokomela-Mothibi (Social Development) with their 2010 appointments. This can be regarded as a motion of no-confidence by the Premier in herself – her previous reshuffled cabinet lasted only 16 months with some MECs only now starting to find their feet only to find themselves with new Departments, officials, challenges, strategic plans and budgets.

The irrational reshuffling vindicates the DA’s position that the governance and delivery crisis in the North West demands a fulltime dedicated Premier and that Premier Modise should decide which of her two major positions: – being the North West Premier or the ANC Deputy Secretary General, is her first priority.

The dismissal of three further MECs should be seen with another four MECs fired by Modise in November 2011. Not a single member of the newly announced NW cabinet is in the same position as at the beginning of the term in 2009.

Eight of the cabinet members are new in their departments, did not participate in their department’s strategic planning or budget procedures and must now roll out their Department’s 2012-2013 budgets.

In addition most North West Departments are plagued with investigations, inexperienced and newly appointed and/or acting Head of Departments and senior management suspended senior staff and lack of capacity.

In view of the above it is evident that the latest NW cabinet reshuffle should be regarded as irrational, out of touch with the demands and realities of the North West Province and certainly not designed to enhance delivery or performance.

In motivating her previous cabinet reshuffle in November 2010 the Premier said that “This province does not give good service, in the spirit of Batho Pele. Instead, it is the opposite that happens, rona pele (us first).” This is certainly much more evident in 2012, two years after the Modise deployment / Modiselle dismissal, than in 2010.

The NW Reshuffle:

Agriculture and Rural Development- Desbo Mohono( previously MEC for Human Settlements, Public Safety & Liaison)

* Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism-Motlalepule Rosho(previously Deputy Speaker North West Provincial Legislature)

* Education-Louisa Lorato Mabe(previously MEC for Finance )

* Human Settlements, Public Safety & Liaison- Nono Maloyi(New Member of the Executive Council-previously Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature)

* Finance-Paul Sebegoe(previously MEC for Local Government & Traditional Affairs)

* Local Government & Traditional Affairs-China Dodovu(new Member of Executive Council)

* Public Works, Roads & Transport- Raymond Elisha(Previously MEC for Education and Acting MEC of current department)

* Sports, Arts & Culture-Tebogo Modise(Previously MEC for Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism)

Dr. Magome Masike is retained in the portfolio Health and Mosetsanagape Mokomele- Mothibi is retained in Social Development, Women, Children and People with Disabilities.

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