Premier Must Take Full Responsibility for FS Financial Mess

Peter Frewen MPL

DA Free State Spokesperson on Finance

The Premier needs to take full responsibility for the financial mess in which the Free State finds itself. Under Premier Ace Magashule the Free State is grinding to an administrative halt.

The roads debacle will simply not go away and the Free State will probably suffer the consequences of the very rash decision, to allocate three years roads budget in advance under the most dubious of circumstances, for years to come. Contractors now face the prospect of having to lay off hundreds of workers and lose millions in the process simply because the Provincial Government cannot pay them. This is not the fault of the contractors but of the Department of Police, Roads and Transport who did not follow correct supply chain management procedures.

Throughout the Free State RDP housing has come to a complete standstill. On sites from Gariep Dam to Kroonstad to Frankfort there is not a single contractor on site to complete houses. Why – because they have not been paid. The much vaunted housing project in Viljoenskroon built by the Chinese has also come to a standstill – the reason – they have not been paid.

All in all the result is that contractors will lose millions of rand, thousands of people who should by now have had a decent roof over their heads are still without housing. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have either lost their jobs or face the grim prospect of losing their jobs.

Ultimately the Premier needs to take responsibility for the condition of the roads, incomplete housing projects, and the resulting loss of jobs.

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