Principal Stabs Teacher

Makhosazana Mdlalose

DA KZN Alternate Spokesperson for Education

LAST week I had the distressing experience of visiting a teacher in hospital, after he was stabbed by his school principal.

Fortunately, this man – who has a wife and young children – is on the mend. Yet my discussion with him revealed a history of conflict with his principal. The ward manager was allegedly made aware of these tensions but did nothing about it. For three long years, the problem was left to simmer, finally culminating in last week’s appalling incident. The DA condemns in the strongest of terms the barbaric assault of a teacher by another educator. We cry foul against those administrators who allowed the problem to fester while turning a blind eye and we again cry foul when our schools become political battlefields for warring unions.

The question we need to ask is what this display of behaviour tells learners. This is no example for our youth. What kind of educator keeps a knife in his office draw and then uses it against a colleague? The law must take its course.

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