Roadsgate Fiasco – DA Requests Presidential Intervention

Roy Jankielsohn

DA Leader in the Free State

After numerous complaints from contractors involved with roads construction in the Free State, I have written to the President, Mr Jacob Zuma, requesting his intervention (see attached letter).

Some contractors have been carrying the provincial government financially for up to two years and are now facing bankruptcy as a result of this. Furthermore, many job losses are being experienced in the construction sector within the Free State due to government’s non-payment of contractors. The inability of provincial government to pay contactors may be due to the alleged corruption regarding allocation of tenders within the department.

The placing of the Free State Department of Police, Roads and Transport under administration, as well as the constant references of over-payment to some contractors per kilometre per road, cannot indefinitely be used as an excuse by the department or the provincial government not to meet their financial commitments.

If the whole fiasco is due to irregularities and corruption in the department, then this proves the point that corruption leads to massive job losses and makes poor people poorer.

I have requested The President to intervene in this matter and attempt to ensure that the provincial government meets its commitments in order to prevent further job losses and other economic damage to the province.

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