Anroux Marais MPP

DA Western Cape spokesperson for Social Development, Western Cape Provincial Parliament

The DA supports the pilot programmes, directed by the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD), whereby people will be required to work in their communities in order to receive food vouchers.

The DA is especially encouraged by this innovative initiative as it creates opportunities in communities as well as a caring society, characterizing that we are “Better Together”. It also restores the dignity of our people and that of our communities.

The department plans to pilot these programmes in two impoverished communities in the Western Cape, Atlantis and Nyanga by July 2012. In Atlantis, those receiving food aids will be required to clear alien vegetation, which is to the benefit of the community. The DA is excited about the outcomes of these programmes once rolled out in most of our poorest communities, as it develops and enhances both our families’ and communities’ livelihoods. These projects will also support and strengthen family and community interventions from the Department, which subsequently fosters social cohesion.

As a result of previous aid not reaching the intended recipients, the department realised that policy had to be changed to be more effective in addressing the issue of hunger in communities. More than excited, the DA is pleased that Minister Fritz and his department has taken a proactive approach in addressing social ills such as hunger which plagues our impoverished communities, rather than only acknowledging it exists.

The DA appeals to the DSD to closely monitor these programmes to ensure proper management thereof and to supply the Standing Committee on Social Development with regular feedback, once the pilot programme is launched.

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