Think About the Proper Use of Money

Janet Semple MPL

DA Member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

The scandal around Gauteng Local Government and Housing MEC Humphrey Memezi’s wayward credit card expenses should make us all to think about the value of money and how we use it.

According to reports, one of his expenses involved R60 000 at boutiques in India on high-end clothing. In the Johannesburg area, the cost of an RDP house (admittedly excluding the costs of land and service installation) is around R50 000. In other words, with a few swipes of a card, the MEC nominally in charge of housing provision in the province handed us a bill equivalent to more than the cost of a house. A remarkable price for personal vanity!

Of course, this is hardly a new thing. We are pretty much immune to revelations of high flying politicians living it up and making taxpayers pay for it. Or simply wasting money. And of course this makes poor people poorer.

Just think what we could do if that money was actually put to proper use!

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