Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape is calling for a forensic audit to be conducted into the affairs of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL) and we will submit a written request, to this effect, to the acting Speaker, Juanita Beukes.

It seems that the NCPL is a tin of worms just waiting to explode. Corruption has become a norm and we can only surmise that there has been, and very likely still exists, an underground network of officials who are enabling such corruption to take place.

The DA is of the firm view that all steps must be taken to air out the NCPL’s dirty laundry. The extent of the corruption within the legislature must be ascertained once and for all and every single one of those involved, regardless of colour, creed or political affiliation, should be brought to book. Only then will the legislature be able to move forward in restoring its damaged integrity and in building itself up to become the institution that it was intended to be.

An institution of as high accord as the legislature should at all times be of a high standing and compliant with the law. The legislature is, after all, the core oversight body of government. And if it can’t even keep watch over its own internal affairs, how on earth will it succeed in serving as the watch dog of government? The answer is simple – it won’t.

It’s time for all parties concerned to eat humble pie and to come together to fight corruption within the legislature. This said, we hope and trust that the acting Speaker will share our viewpoint and back our request for a forensic audit. This is critical if the NCPL is to serve the people, instead of serving the whims of greedy individuals who continue to rob the poorest of the poor.

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