DA Northern Cape Plans on Track

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape Provincial Leader

Helen Zille, the national leader of the Democratic Alliance, together with the party’s federal chairperson, Wilmot James, and other national DA members, visited Kimberley on Sunday, 8th July 2012, in order to attend the party’s strategic planning session in the Northern Cape. This is already the third time this year that Zille has visited Kimberley, indicating that the Northern Cape has indeed become a priority province for the DA.

The strategic planning session, which took place on Saturday and Sunday at the Horseshoe Motel in Kimberley, saw the DA Provincial Executive Committee working towards finalizing its strategic plan. The plan will plot the way towards winning the Northern Cape in 2014.

During a press conference, Zille told the media that the DA was in the final planning phase and that the party knows exactly what it should achieve. She also indicated that the rounding off of the province’s plan would entail ensuring that it speaks to the DA national plan.

Zille said the DA is ready for its campaign to kick off. She also indicated that the DA is as united as a political party could be. “We put our differences behind us and move forward”.

According to Zille, we cannot have true democracy in South Africa unless voters are prepared to change their government through the ballot box. She said that to win, the DA would have to do this in coalition and that while it would be easier to govern alone, it is rare for opposition parties to win elections without going into coalitions.

Zille said the party won the Western Cape from the ANC in a seven-party coalition and had to work hard to turn governance around. The party now co-governs 27 municipalities across the country, including four in the Northern Cape.

From left to right: Andrew Louw MPL (Northern Cape Leader), Wilmot James MP (DA Federal Chairperson), Helen Zille (DA Leader), Harold McGluwa (Northern Cape Chairperson)

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