Demolished Houses a Travesty

John Moodey

DA Member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Earlier this year, Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Sizwe Mnguni arranged a public meeting with City of Johannesburg (COJ) Housing and Joburg Water officials in Wieller’s Farm to address the issue of unfinished RDP houses in this area.

In 2009 prior to the general elections, the City of Johannesburg built 300 RDP houses in this area. Thirty of these houses where left unfinished with only the main walls complete for over three years. The families that should have benefited from this formal housing remained in their informal zinc houses, even though the contractors had allegedly already been paid. At this meeting the official promised to investigate the matter to ensure that the houses would be completed.

I visited the area and found that instead of the houses being completed, 30 uncompleted houses had instead been demolished by the COJ housing officials. The rubble was left on the premises, adding further discomfort to those families whose living conditions should have been enhanced. A visit to the local housing office was a waste of time as I could not get any officials to tell us why these house were demolished.

In the hope of resolving this matter, the DA will submit written questions to the MMC for Housing in the COJ, Dan Bovu, as well as to the MEC for Local Government and Housing, Humphrey Mmemezi in the Provincial Legislature.

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