Patricia Mokgohlwa, DA MPL

DA Gauteng Gender spokeswoman

The Gauteng Provincial Government must intensify its efforts to bring fathers who default on child maintenance to book.

Reports this morning indicate that police arrested 83 Western Cape fathers in one day for not paying child maintenance.

Many Gauteng women continue to experience problems in claiming maintenance, and maintenance orders are often not enforced. While 1 549 warrants of arrest for maintenance defaulters were issued in the province, the actual arrest rate remains too low.

The DA believes that greater effort must be made to find defaulting dads and ensure that the outstanding money is paid to feed and educate their children.

Premier Nomvula Mokonyane must demonstrate her commitment to the future of children across the province by implementing the highly successful strategy to bring defaulters to book pioneered by the DA-led Western Cape Provincial Government.

The province must:

* Publish the names of all untraced defaulters over the 16 day period (for whom there are warrants of arrest at court and have ID numbers) – so that communities can participate in locating defaulters and securing their appearance in court;

* Publish the names of all beneficiaries still to collect monies owed to them; * Operate roadblocks using sophisticated tracking technology to net untraced defaulters;

* Trace the beneficiaries of child maintenance through door-to-door searches undertaken by Community Development Workers;

* Undertake a broad based public education and awareness-raising campaign.

The provincial government must use every available resource to ensure that the children, and mostly women who care for them, receive the support that is their right. The DA believes they deserve nothing less.

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