Irony of Legislature’s Latest Anti-Corruption Sentiments

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance finds it quite ironic that the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is trying so very hard to lay claim to the forensic audit that the legislature itself initiated within this institution.

The DA would like to state for the record that the DA doesn’t dispute the fact that the legislature itself kick-started this process. At the time of sending out a press release and a letter stating that the DA would like to urge the acting Speaker to instigate a forensic audit within the legislature, we were unaware that the legislature had in fact already started such a process. In this regard, the DA would like to congratulate the legislature for being one step ahead. It is encouraging to see a drastic change of attitude towards corruption within the legislature.

Such a stance, however, was unfortunately missing at the time of the investigation into the purchase of a luxury vehicle by the ANC for its provincial secretary. Also, this anti-corruption sentiment clearly doesn’t apply to high ranking cadres, like John Block, whose picture, and that of his wife’s, ironically appeared again today on the front page of a local newspaper for alleged involvement in more corruption scandals. It thus blows the mind that many of those now slamming corruption within the legislature, still remain silent on what the DA believes to be the Northern Cape’s biggest corruption scandal of the century, namely the saga surrounding MEC for Economic Development and the string of corruption allegations linked to his name. We can only hope that the newfound anti-corruption sentiments at the legislature filter across all levels and start applying to everyone.

Nonetheless, the DA looks forward to an expose of all the legislature’s skeletons in the closet. We will give our full support and cooperation to ensure that those guilty of financial misconduct are brought to book. There can be no denying that this will take us one step closer to transforming the legislature into the high standing institution that it is intended to be.

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