Legislature Secretary Vacancy Must be Filled by Qualified Individual

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA welcomes the recent vacancy announcement for the position of Legislature Secretary, and hopes the opportunity is used to employ the right person for the job, and not to look after yet another ANC comrade.

Following Mr Rolson Moropa’s suspension from the duties of Legislature Secretary early last year and his subsequent resignation early this year, Mr Linda Tshabalala acted in that capacity, and did so admirably. Mr Tshabalala has subsequently been appointed as municipal manager by the Lekwa Local municipality, and the DA wishes him well in that position.

Unfortunately the vacuum left by the departure of knowledgeable persons may be felt for some time to come, and the DA sincerely hopes that this will not have a negative effect the business of Legislature.

This being the case, we hope that this vacancy will not be filled by a willing ANC cadre prepared to put party before oversight, but by competent, skilled and knowledgeable individual who is well versed in the roles and functions as required for this post.

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