Fred Nel, DA MPL

DA Gauteng Local Government Spokesperson

Gauteng Local Government and Housing MEC, Humphrey Mmemezi, said this morning on Radio 702 that he used his credit card for personal expenses which he allegedly repaid. This is in contravention of the Ministerial Handbook which prescribes very narrowly what an official credit card may be used for.

He was not allowed to use his official credit card for personal expenses which, by his own admission, is an abuse of this perk even if he pays it back.

More allegations have been made against him concerning questionable practices when he was employed as human capital manager by the Mogale City municipality. He is accused of signing off a R3 600 car allowance for his daughter and five other employees even though he was warned this was against council travel policy.

How can he continue as Local Government MEC when he faces serious allegations of irregularities when he was in local government?

The ANC is denying reports that Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane, is about to fire Mmemezi, which is very disappointing as he should have been fired long ago.

He should not only be fired, but there must be full disclosure about the allegations against him, with appropriate sanction where warranted.

The people of Gauteng have a right to know whether Mmemezi abused his office, including misuse of his official credit card, what exactly happened after his accident in an official vehicle, why was money earmarked for housing used for expenses for his office and whether his conduct as an official in Mogale City was ethical while he was employed there?

We also need to know exactly how much taxpayers’ money was wasted and used irregularly so that it can be recovered from him.

Mmemezi has refused to answer my official questions in the Gauteng Legislature, and his public explanations and denials of wrongdoing have no credibility.

It is now 42 days (see Mmemezi Monitor at since the scandal first broke about his government credit card misspending, including the R10 000 painting he bought at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pretoria.

How much longer do we have to wait until he is booted from office?

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