Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the long-overdue resignation of Gauteng MEC for Local Government and Housing Humphrey Mmemezi.

It took fifty days of media exposure of his questionable actions before he resigned after vigorously protesting his complete innocence.

We do not believe that he has come clean on all his misdeeds, and he should not be let off the hook just because he has resigned after pressure.

We doubt his claim that he fully refunded his personal purchases on his government credit card long before these matters were in the public domain.

We suspect that the refund only happened after DA MPL Fred Nel asked official questions in the Legislature about his credit card spending.

Questions remain about his accident in KwaZulu-Natal that led to his damaged official vehicle being auctioned at a loss to the state.

A proper investigation is also needed into the serious allegations made about him when he worked at the Mogale City municipality.

The DA will continue to push for proper accountability for all his alleged wrongdoing, including criminal prosecution if this is warranted.

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