Fred Nel, DA MPL

DA Gauteng Local Government Spokesperson

Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane must commission an inquiry into the financial affairs of Mogale City municipality.

The reports in this morning’s press that the Mogale City Municipality overspent R22 million on the appointment of service providers for the Soccer World Cup after failing to follow prescribed supply chain management procedures. The Mogale money mess warrants an official investigation.

The report comes on the back of allegations against Local Government MEC Humphrey Mmemezi of financial misconduct and corruption during his tenure at the Council.

With Mmemezi implicated it is impossible to ensure an independent and transparent investigation by the Gauteng Department of Local Government. It is therefore imperative that the Premier’s office intervene and conduct the investigation.

It seems that Mogale City is littered with instances of financial impropriety necessitating investigation. The Council has also consistently received qualified audit opinions with concerns about the supply chain management risks and fruitless and wasteful expenditure highlighted by the Auditor General’s reports for the past two years.

The Auditor General stated that in the 2009-10 financial year Gauteng municipalities were guilty of R202 million worth of irregular expenditure. This is money that should have gone for much needed service delivery.

Premier Mokonyane’s office must investigate Mogale City and, should evidence of wrong-doing emerge, make an example of offending municipal officials and politicians in order to stop this trend across the province.

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