NGO’s in Crisis As Government Fails To Pay Grants

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) across the province are facing imminent closure due the Department of Social Development’s inability to pay their grants on time.

While engaging with local communities as part of our Blue Wave community outreach programme, the DA was approached by numerous NGOs across the province – all informing us that their grants have not been paid for as long as six to 12 months.

The department is in such a state of chaos that many NGOs are not able to pay for food and staff salaries, nor operational costs and services such as water and electricity – and are entirely dependent on the good-heartedness of businesses and individuals in the communities they serve.

This department’s disgraceful failure to fulfil its mandate will soon cause a humanitarian crisis in Mpumalanga, and the only way to avert is to pay NGOs their grants, and do it immediately.

The DA has on previous occasions raised the issue with MEC Clifford Mkasi, and has been promised that it would be taken care of, which clearly shows this department has no capacity to provide social welfare to the most vulnerable in Mpumalanga.

This monumental failure leaves the DA no choice but to demand that all grants be paid in full by Monday, July 2. Should the department fail to comply with this demand, the DA will have no choice but to ask the Human Rights Commission to investigate.

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