Overpayment and Underdelivery, What Consequences?

Mike Moriarty

DA Spokesperson on Finance

I trust that the Accountant-General has read the article on page 6 of Star (Monday 23 July 2012) regarding the ongoing saga in respect of a call centre that was over-paid but under-delivered.

One has to conclude that many of the contracts entered into with government are money-making opportunities for a few who then succeed in getting very rich, while workers and sub-contractors are kept relatively poor.

There is much to be investigated in respect of the Sibize contract. How they handled creditors like their security firm Vimba is just one of them.

Your report raises a degree of concern because it seems a company that benefitted from millions in government payments does not have a serviceable address. This is yet another matter that the Accountant-General should look into.

All of this must be seen in the context of promises made repeatedly by the ANC government in Gauteng that the tendering system was being cleaned up. Yet there is still the same whiff of corruption every time. It looks like there will only be change if there is a change of government.

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