Cllr Carin Botha

DA councillor in Pixely Ka Seme Municipality

Premier DD Mabuza’s accusations against councillors of the Dr Pixley ka Seme Local Municipality are deliberately inaccurate and expose the Premiers hesitance to address the shortcomings of his own party, the ANC. Recent media reports quoted that Mabuza “lashed out at the councillors of Dr Pixley Ka Seme local municipality for sowing division within the council and failing to play their leadership roles”.

The Premier also made several accusations about councillors not talking to one another. He alluded to tensions that exist between councillors and they are not carrying out their leadership roles. Premier Mabuza’s was further quoted to have said, in reference to the councillors of the Pixley ka Seme municipality, that “Councillors, you are a disgrace,” He is reported to have said that there are groupings in the municipality, and that some councillors were elected despite the fact that they do not have the personal capacity to deliver. He said he didn’t know what the criteria was that was used to elect councillors, because these leaders can’t reach out to the people.

We urge the Premier to rephrase his accusations, the fact is:

* It is the ANC councillors that are not talking to one another.

* There is tension between the ANC councillors.

* The ANC is not carrying out their leadership roles.

* “ANC Councillors, you are a disgrace”

* The ANC councillors are forming groups in the municipality

* There are ANC councillors that were elected but do not have the personal capacity to deliver

* The ANC’s criteria of electing councillors are unknown.

While the Premiers remarks are ironic to say the least, as he is actually the leader of that party, we urge him not to speak on behalf of the DA or to subtly include DA councillors in his own party’s internal warfare. The fact is that:

* The DA councillors do have a good relationship with each other

* There is no tension between the ruling party and the opposition

* The DA councillors carry out their leadership roles

* The DA councillors do no form part of any grouping in the municipality

* The DA councillors elected all have the necessary skill to deliver and execute their duties with dedication and commitment

* The DA does have clear election criteria and elect representatives that care about the needs of the community and who are fit for purpose.

It would serve the Premier well to come to the realisation that it is his own party that is driving this municipality to its knees, and his own councillors that through their deep rooted divisions and factions will ultimately bring about the downfall of the municipality.

As for the DA, we are preparing to govern.

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