Promises Due for Delivery

Mike Moriarty

Finance Spokesperson, Democratic Alliance, Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Premier Nomvula Mokonyane gave a relatively glowing report on her performance in office in the first half of the year. As an event, the tabling of her report is done without debate and so she is able to give a one-sided account without fear of contradiction.

There are a number of her promises that are due for fruition in the first quarter of the new financial year. These will become evident by the second quarter as to whether or not they were achieved. The DA will, in terms of its responsibilities, monitor these accordingly.

However, the one statement in her address that cannot possibly be correct is “Through Operation Bhadala, we have reviewed most of the contracts and prioritised the payment of SMMEs.”

The fact is that the payment performance dropped from 24% to 21%. So whatever prioritisation there may have been would, if anything, only have had the effect of moving deck chairs around the Titanic.

In reality, less companies get paid on time today than was the case at the beginning of the year. Moreover, less companies get paid on time in 2012 than was the case in 2009, when Operation Bhadala was launched.

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