Registration of Military Veterans by DMV – Not All Qualify for Grants

Rika Kruger MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Social Development

Please note that not all military vetarans who register with the Department of Military Veterans will qualify for grants or pensions. Please see the circular by the CMVO below as well as the press release by DA MP Shahid Esau.

Please download the form right at the bottom of this post by clicking on it. If the download fails please mail for an e-mailed form.

Please read the instructions on the attached documents and submit it to the CMVO. Please note that the DA does not handle/ facilitate the registrations but that we only offer the information as a community service.

The e-mail address in the form seems to give problems also send your forms to the following addresses:

of fax to 086 770 6370

Lees asseblief die instruksies noukeuring op die meegaande dokumente en stuur die vorm aan die CMVO. Neem kennis dat die DA nie die registrasieproses hanteer of fasiliteer nie maar bloot die inligting as gemeenskapsdiens verskaf.

Let wel dat die adres op die vorm probleme gee, stuur asseblief u vorms ook aan die volgende adresse:

of fax to 086 770 6370

Circular from CMVO:

Please return to us ASAP using the submit button on the form, right hand top corner.

The completed form may also be emailed to or fax to 011-4862855 or it may be posted to P.O. Box 1936, Houghton, 2041.

[cid:image005.jpg@01CB31BF.D3DB24A0]Council of Military Veterans’ Organisations of the RSA PO Box 21223, Valhalla, 0137, South Africa CHAIRMAN: Godfrey Giles ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Good day,

The Department of Military Veterans, DMV, is updating the existing military veterans’ database of some 57,000 members. They are now also adding new military veterans to this database. The reason being that they need to know which military veterans need assistance and to make contact if required. This database will also be used to make decisions with regards to military veterans needs in future.

In order to assist any military veteran to ensure that they are registered, the CMVO has created the attached contact form. Please return to us ASAP using the submit button on the form, right hand top corner. NB This does not replace the DMV forms! It was pointed out that the previous form was confusing between the DMV form, so a new one has been created.

The CMVO will then send this information to DMV so that when the next registration takes place DMV or CMVO will contact you so that we ensure you can get registered. Provincial co-ordinators of the DMV are currently planning on revisiting the all 9 Provinces to finalise the updating of information of members who are already on the database. Dates and venues will be made available when determined. This is being done during June/July 2012.

Why should you register? For your own peace of mind, if you become ill and need assistance at one of the Military hospitals, you need to be a registered military veteran. This will ensure that the medics can attend to you immediately. Also if you do need any other assistance at less you have already registered. This does not mean that you are automatically going to get any benefits at all – there will be means tests to ensure only those that really need assistance will get it.

Fraud. Please report anyone that is charging for DMV registration forms, they are free of charge. Also anyone that makes promises that there are automatic pensions or payouts to any military veteran. Only the DMV can do this after investigation. We have found a number of organizations who make false promises for money.

The new Military Veterans Act 18 of 2011 has been approved in its original format so everyone with a force number and not dishonourably discharged is eligible to be a military veteran. So the petition and lots of queries has had it’s affect. Thanks to all those that supported and assisted us.

New organizations. Should you be aware of any organization that wishes to get involved with the CMVO so that they are kept up to date with what is happening with military veterans, please let them contact us. If there is a group of military veterans who wish to start a group please let us know so that we can try to give you guidelines and ideas of how to go about it.

Join an organization. Any individual who wishes to join a military veteran organization should inform the CMVO which Service, Corps or unit they belonged to so that we can direct them to an organization as well as where they live.

Weekly newsletter. If you are interested in getting a weekly newsletter with information about military veterans please let us know.

Contact CMVO. CMVO is now on Facebook, look under cmvo for open group and page (Council of Military Veterans’ Organisation of South Africa (CMVO)). Join us and lets start communicating with each other. Also on our website or email us on or fax 0866848592. Please only phone if emergency, one person cannot handle everyone’s phone calls.


In terms of the Military Veterans Act, 2011 (Act 18 of 2011), the definition of a military veteran is as follows:

”military veteran” means any South African citizen who-

(a) rendered military service to any of the military organisations, statutory and non-statutory, which were involved on all sides of South Africa’s Liberation War from 1960 to 1994; (b) served in the Union Defence Force before 1961; or (c) became a member of the new South African National Defence Force after 1994,

and has completed his or her military training and no longer performs military service, and has not been dishonourably discharged from that military organisation or force: Provided that this definition does not exclude any person referred to in paragraph (a), (b) or (c) who could not complete his or her military training due to an injury sustained during military training or a disease contracted or associated with military training;

BENEFITS: – Take note that registration on this database does not automatically qualify members for any benefits, registered members will still apply at relevant Departments and will be subjected to a means test.

– There are still individuals spreading rumours that Military Veterans of the former SADF are going to receive so-called “pay-outs”, “refunds”, “packages”, “back-pay” etc. These are false rumours and must be ignored. Members are urged NOT TO GIVE BANKING DETAILS to so-called Agents promising such pay-outs and DO NOT PAY ANY ADMIN FEES in this regard.

– The Military Veterans’ Act was signed on 2 Dec 2011 and it is envisaged that it will come into effect during the 2nd Quarter of 2012. The Military Veterans’ Act, 2011 (Act 18 of 2011) stipulates that qualifying Military Veterans in need of must get assistance with certain benefits, including:

“Benefits relating to military veterans

5. (1) The benefits relating to a military veteran are the following:

(a) Compensation to military veterans who sustained disabling injuries or severe psychological and neuro-psychiatric trauma or who suffer from a terminal disease resulting from their participation in military activities; (b) dedicated counselling and treatment to military veterans who suffer from serious mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder or related conditions; (c) honouring and memorialising fallen military veterans; (d) education, training and skills development; (e) facilitation of employment placement; (f) facilitation of or advice on business opportunities; (g) subsidisation or provisioning of public transport; (h) pension; (i) access to health care; (j) housing; and (k) burial support.”

– These benefits are currently being negotiated with the different Government Departments who are going to make it available. These include Departments of Human Settlements, Transport, Defence, Social Development, National Treasury etc.

– Members will be submitted to a Means Test (still being developed) to determine who will qualify.

Kind regards

Godfrey Giles CMVO: Chairman Mobile: 083 600 0062 Fax: 0866848592 Email: [cid:image005.jpg@01CB31BF.D3DB24A0]

Shahid Esau MP DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

Military veterans database registration poorly handled

10 July 2012 Release: immediate

The DA believes that the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, should extend the deadline for the registration of military veterans. The registration process of 2012, which has been taking place between 28 May and 13 July, has been chaotic and confusing. The DA calls on government to review the process and extend the deadline.

At the end of May, the Department of Defence and Military Veterans called on all those listed on the military veterans’ database to re-register. This includes all those who served in the statutory and liberation forces as well as their dependents. Those who had not registered during the previous integration process in 1994 were also asked to register.

Poor advertising on behalf of government and a lack of clear explanations as to the purpose of this registration process have led to confusion and frustration for many military veterans.

Many veterans are under the impression that they will be receiving benefits after they have completed this registration, but this is not the case. The department has yet to clarify how benefits will be rolled out and the means test which will be used to determine who will qualify for benefits.

The Department was supposed to establish provincial offices by the end of June. This process has not been completed and would have gone a long way toward assisting the military veterans with the correct information.

Although the Military Ombudsman has been created, it is not at full capacity and will not be able to deal with the many complaints which will arise from the lack of clarity on this process.

The poor management of this process by the Department has incubated serious misinformation and a number of scams in which vulnerable individuals are being exploited. Consequently, many veterans have either failed to register or have the false expectation that registration will necessarily result in benefits being received.

The department should analyse the flaws in the current process, extend the deadline by at least a month and do a proper nationwide advertising campaign stating who must register and where they must register. This will assist in clarifying the situation and provide more time for those who need to register to do so.

pdf iconCMVO MIL VET REG FORM 120617_distributed.pdf


23 thoughts on “Registration of Military Veterans by DMV – Not All Qualify for Grants

  1. Good evening i am Vivian Stout and live in Capetown Eersterivier 56kanabast crescent Beverley park Eersterivier. My problem i am disably from work due PTSD and lower back pain due army injury. I can found work and is unemployment i did send applications to department of Military Veterans but do nothing on it my force NO.89958979 IDNO.7203045158089 can you please me that I can apply for military grant to feed my family,and it is not the first time it happened that I send this complain.

  2. Hi I would like to ask if I can get help my father of my child was involved in a plane crash in 2012/12/05 soo I was asking if my child can get help for school basary because I have tried but the problem is the family member of the veteran don’t wanna write an affidavit that says they know and agree that ofentse is the son of the late naughty klas aphane

  3. I am a 2nd world war veteran. Presently 92 years of age and need financial assistance please. My ID No is 2604095059082
    I was in the 6th armoured division with 12th field engineers during World War 2 during 1944 and participated in the battle of MONTESOLE
    Unfortunately I have no documentation to verify this.
    Please would verify asap if I am eligible for a military pension.
    Thank you

  4. Were in Army in 1980 till 1982 after that did do 1mounth camp’s +-6jrs inform if i must receive benefits

  5. My husband Riaan Ernest Venter (6708275157083) is a veteran. Not sure whether he qualifies for any benefits?

  6. I have send numerous completed forms and I never receive any response that, I’m now a member.
    What could be the challenge?
    Kindly advise

  7. I was SADF in 1972 to 1974. I was on the Angola Border in 1973. I would like to know if I can apply for the veteran pension as published. I am currently staying in Cape town and would like to know where I can apply. My army number was 67298786.



  9. What would you like more information about? Please send details of your situation and I will forward
    them to our Shadow Minister on Defence

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