Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

The Special Investigating Unit has laid fraud charges against several senior officials of the Gauteng Health Department as well as service providers.

This is revealed in the interim annual report of the SIU tabled last week in parliament.

According to the report “all charges are based on misrepresentations these parties made to the department which resulted in improper payments to service providers of amounts of R681 916, R15.3 million and R1.2 million.”

Officials against whom charges have been laid include the former Head of Department Ms Sybil Ngcobo, the former Chief Financial Officer and a current Chief Director. The SIU has recommended that two claims for damages for the loss of R15.3 million and R1.2 million be lodged against senior officials.

The SIU investigation into 10 contracts worth over R1 billion started in May 2010.

I expect more rot to be revealed as the investigation proceeds. The big question is whether political figures were involved in the extensive looting in this department.

Every effort must be made to punish the culprits and recover as much stolen money as possible.

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