DA To Seek Clarity On Health Department’s Law Suits

Karen de Kock, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Spokesperson of Health

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape is to submit parliamentary questions to the provincial Health Department, requesting a detailed breakdown of law suits against the department. We want to know what the case is about, for what amount they are being sued and how much has been paid on legal fees to date.

This is in lieu of reports that the department has already spent R1,7 million in legal fees on the fax and copier case, although the outcome of the case, which sees the department being sued by Bestor CC for R15 million, still hangs in the balance. The fact that the department offered Bestor CC an out of court settlement for R7 million, further worries the DA. This case has been postponed until March 2013.

The DA is of opinion that, as far as possible, law suits should be avoided because they cost the taxpayer significant amounts of money. To this end, it is essential that procurement and supply chain processes are followed, as stipulated in the public Finance Management Act. In addition, good contract management and robust oversight would ensure that issues such as these are properly dealt with and resolved long before they get to court.

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