Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

The Gauteng Health Department claims to be up to date with payments to hospital suppliers but many companies are still owed money, which is why hospitals continue to suffer from equipment failure and shortages.

In just one week I have been contacted by six companies owed amounts ranging from R3000 to R3 million.

Whilst some payment delays are due to administrative incompetence, there appears to yet another cash crunch. There was a limited payment run last week mostly for blood and oxygen products, and some companies have been told to wait until September.

Here are examples of six companies that are owed money:

1) Company 1: Life Support Equipment – R1.6 million outstanding since 2008 2) Company 2 : X- Ray equipment service – R200 000 outstanding for 8 months 3) Company 3 : X- Ray equipment service – R3000 outstanding for 2 years 4) Company 4 : supply of milk and rice- R3 million for 9 months 5) Company 5: Equipment service – R53 000 outstanding for four months 6) Company 6: Equipment service – R800 000 outstanding for two months

There are many more companies struggling along because of late payment.

Despite promises by Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, payment within 30 days is still a pipe dream.

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