Murdered Limpopo Schoolchildren Were Marching During School Hours

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Education spokesperson

The Democratic Alliance will be calling for a special sitting of the Limpopo Legislature to discuss the circumstances around the killing of three Mookgopong schoolchildren.

A DA visit to the town yesterday where the children were stoned to death has established that the protest they were last seen at took place during school hours.

The learner to teacher ratio at Dikubu Primary school is currently 50:1 and all attempts to get the Education Department to address the problem had failed.

It is clear now that these murdered children were in the streets protesting for their basic right to an education when they should have been safely in the classroom.

It was an act of desperation from the school community who’s children were not taught in three subjects since January.

June reports showed no marks for English, Natural sciences and Technology due to a shortage of teachers.

Children should be in class and not in the streets. If the Education Department is not showing the will to urgently address the problems at this school then the Legislature must instruct them to do so.

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