Opposition Must Unite To Protect Constitutional Democracy

Minister Ivan Meyer

DA Deputy Federal Chairperson and Minister of Cultural Affairs And Sport, Western Cape Provincial Government

On 23 August 2012, Honourable Member Mark Wiley introduced a debate (ANC undermining the pillars of democracy) in the Provincial Parliament of the Western Cape.

During the debate the Western Cape Parliament argued overwhelmingly that the ANC has violated both the Constitution and the Oath of the President of South Africa (See Frank Chikane, Eight days in September, 2012). These are dangerous signs, as the ANC has no interest in protecting our Constitutional democracy. This is growing evidence that the South African government under ANC-rule is undermining: the rule of law, independence of our judiciary, open and transparent government, human rights, state institutions (anti-corrupt agencies), good governance and individual freedom of speech. During the month of August 2012 (women’s month) two women (Hilary Clinton and Mary Robinson) came to South Africa to warn the ANC government that South Africa’s constitutional democracy is at risk. Many South African men and women have been equally vocal about the threats to our democracy.

What is now needed is to intensify our campaigning through a multi-party agreement to save our constitution, and South Africa before it is too late. The ANC is rapidly falling apart and not capable of governing South Africa as a constitutional democracy. Marikana was a huge wake-up call. The collective commitment amongst us as opposition parties, to constitutional democracy, will be critical in the political realignment of South Africa. The opposition parties will have to become the voice and action that save our constitutional democracy.

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