Johan Visser MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Local Government in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

The Auditor-General’s report on the audit outcomes of the Western Cape Local Governments for 2010/11 indicated that stronger oversight (into the financial functions of municipalities) is lacking. Had stronger oversight been present, the outcomes could have been different.

Institutions such as the Municipal Public Accounts Committees (MPAC) provide the perfect opportunity for municipalities to establish strong oversight functions. This time of the year provides the perfect opportunity for municipalities to put together their MPAC committees. There is sufficient time for the committee members to be properly trained and grounded in their oversight task.

MPAC will contribute positively towards the “Operation Clean Audit for 2014” strategy of the Auditor-General.

The Provincial Department of Local Government, as well as the Provincial Department of Finances are available to assist municipalities with the training of their MPAC committees. The Standing Committee on Local Government Oversight is anxious to cooperate with MPAC’s in order to strengthen them in their oversight role and function.

The committee plans to have a meeting with the MPAC committees later in the year in order to determine how cooperation between the different spheres of government can best be executed.

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