Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

According to the First Quarter Report of the Gauteng Premier Office’s, 32 130 out of 186 411 provincial government posts are empty, which is a 17.2% vacancy rate.

This report covers the period April to June this year and was recently tabled in the Gauteng Legislature.

It is of great concern that one out of six positions in the Gauteng Provincial Government is vacant despite Premier Nomvula Mokonyane’s promise in February last year that all vacant funded positions would be filled within six months.

The Gauteng Roads and Transport Department has the highest vacancies – 1645 unfilled posts (49%) out of 3350 positions.

The Premier’s own office has 105 out of 329 positions empty – a vacancy rate of 32%, which is a poor example for the rest of the provincial government.

Other departments with high vacancies include the following:

* Infrastructure Development – 37% vacant posts.

* Local Government and Housing – 35% vacant posts.

* Economic Development – 31% vacancies.

* Agriculture and Rural Development – 28% vacancies.

* Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture – 27% vacancies.

The two largest departments, Education and Health, have lower vacancy rates but still a high number of empty posts that adversely affects service delivery in these two critical areas.

There are 19 391 vacancies out of 100 386 posts in Education (19% vacancy rate) and 6 295 empty posts out of 66 472 posts in Health (9.5% vacancy rate).

In February last year Mokonyane promised to fill all vacant funded posts within six months. It’s a broken promise that is severely hurting the people of Gauteng.

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