Childish Behaviour By ANC Wastes Valuable Opportunity

Alta Rossouw MPP

Chief Whip Democratic Alliance Western Cape Provincial Parliament

The objections raised by Pierre Uys, ANC Chief Whip in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, are completely unfounded and baseless. The DA’s decision to change the debate topic is solely based on the immediate relevance of Paralympic Sport development following the South African Paralympic athletes amazing performance in London. This decision was taken after much discussion and deliberation. The DA came to the conclusion it is highly appropriate to discuss this topic at this time. The Provincial Parliament is presented with an opportunity to discuss a current and relevant issue.

The change of the debate topic was all done within the Standing Rules of the Provincial Parliament. All parties were notified, and acknowledged the receipt of the notification, 24 hours ahead of time. The previous topic does not fall away, but remains available for future consideration.

It is truly sad that the ANC does not want to join in a discussion about Paralympic sport development. A multiparty discussion presents an opportunity to enhance and enrich the lives of many South Africans with unique abilities. The ANC’s reaction undermines the rules of the house and is very disappointing when such a valuable discussion is not utilised.

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