DA Outline Programme Of Action For Release Of Ethekwini Manase Report

Cllr Dean Macpherson

DA eThekwini Chief Whip

Sizwe Mchunu MPL

DA KZN Leader

This is an extract of the speech delivered by DA eThekwini Chief Whip, Councillor Dean Macpherson, at a media briefing on the DA programme of action regarding the Manase Report

GOOD morning to you all and thank you for coming today. I will be outlining the DA’s programme of action regarding the Manase Report.

You will recall that the eThekwini City Manager, Mr. Sbu Sithole had assured that he would release the Manase Report to political parties that had applied for the report in terms of the PAIA act on the 16th of July 2012. He went on to assure the public that the report would be released to the citizens of eThekwini on the 30th of July 2012. We now know that this was not true. Not only did the City Manager mislead council – he also completely misled the residents of eThekwini.

Therefore the DA believes that any assurance by the City Manager or ANC led municipality to release the report in the future does not hold water.

The DA has now put together a program of action to have the report released.

The party feels that it is important in the interests of transparency and accountability that this report is released immediately.

To date, the full extent of the Manase report is unknown, 8 months after it was handed to the municipality by the MEC for COGTA, Nomusa Dube. No single person in the report has been criminally charged or dismissed. This includes 10 councillors who were named in the report, some of which are repeat offenders for doing business with the municipality. They are yet to be brought before the newly formed Ethics Committee.

I would now like to outline the DA’s program of action:

1. The DA is in the process of preparing a legal brief for our attorneys to file an application for the report to be released. This application will be made at the soonest availability.

2. The DA will be holding a series of public meetings across the

Municipality to tell residents the truth behind the report and the reasons it has been kept under lock and key. These public meetings will also serve to drum up support for a mass march. These meetings will take place over the next 4 weeks.

3. The DA will march to City Hall, inviting every resident, civil society organizations, all political parties and trade unions to demand the release of the report to avoid court action for the city.

4. We will also make a call on the Mayor and City Manager to publicly agree to expedite actions against ALL officials and councillors named in the report. The march is expected to take place on 9 October 2012.

The Democratic Alliance believes that communities across the municipality are beginning to understand the link between the Manase Report and failed service delivery. One only has to look back 3 years, when eThekwini was delivering 16 000 houses per year, compared to

4 500 houses delivered during the 2011/2012 financial year. The evidence is clear, corrupt officials and politicians make poor people poorer.

This is the reality residents of Kennedy Road, Lacey Road, Candova Place, Cato Crest, Waterloo, Bumbai and the 600 other informal settlements are faced with , some of which have been subjected to deplorable conditions for the last 20 years. They now know that the

ANC government that promised them a “better life for all” has only delivered this to comrades, officials and ANC politicians.

The DA understands that the Manase Report represents a watershed moment in eThekwini. The ANC, until now, has only paid lip service to fighting fraud and corruption. It is now incumbent on the DA to expose the scourge of self-enrichment at the expense of the poor, to shine a light onto this ill practice and bring about real service delivery through holding the ANC-run council to account as we have outlined today.

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