DA Takes Murderous Muldersdrift Crisis To Parliament

Anchen Dreyer MP

DA Gauteng Member of Parliament for Mogale City

The DA has taken the murderous situation in Muldersdrift on the West Rand to Parliament where I made a member’s statement to bring the situation directly to the attention of the national government.

The recent spate of violent and deadly crime saw, within one week, Alyssa Botha and André Jordaan killed for the sake of cell phones. These two murders were the latest in a wave of incidents in Muldersdrift where 93% of households in one street have become victims of violent crime.

I also highlighted the deeply problematic and unfortunate fact that the five arrested suspects were released due to claims by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of insufficient evidence.

Sadly neither Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa nor his deputy bothered to attend the sitting of Parliament to respond to members’ statements. While ministers may reply on behalf of their colleagues and some ministers indeed make arrangements in advance with their deputies, or others, to answer on their behalf, the Police Minister did not think it important enough to respond to citizens’ concerns.

While citizens in rural areas are literally bleeding to death, the minister does not even bother to attend sittings of Parliament.

I will accordingly submit questions for written reply to the Police Minister to direct his attention to this urgent problem.

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