DA Wants Action On Crime In Gauteng’s Wild West

Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Gauteng Community Safety Spokesperson

Yet another armed robbery took place in Muldersdrift last night, with a man shot in his house for, among other things, his cellphone. The ongoing reports of rampant violent crime in Muldersdrift are disturbing with the outraged community labelling it as the “Wild West”.

Last night’s incident happened three houses from where Alyssa Botha, 13, was shot dead last Wednesday. She was the latest victim in a wave of violent crime, in which 93 percent of households on a single street in the community have been targeted. Alyssa’s father Anton was also shot in the abdomen and her sister Meghan in the leg.

Equally worrying is the decision by the NPA not to prosecute the five men arrested in connection with the Botha murder due to a lack of evidence. This raises questions about the investigation and detective work carried out by the local SAPS.

On Monday I will be meeting with a group of residents to discuss their dire situation and their concerns about poor police performance. I will also visit the police station in Muldersdrift to assess the response by the South African Police Service (SAPS) and evaluate the local visible policing strategy to assess whether the local police are properly resourced in terms of equipment, manpower and investigative experience.

I have established from provincial police leadership that more SAPS members are being deployed to Muldersdrift and while this is a step in the right direction, a continuous police presence together with better crime intelligence is essential.

The war on crime in Gauteng must not merely be confined to the major urban centres of the province while those on the outskirts are forgotten and neglected.

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