Detective Services Require More Cooperation From Departments

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape will send a letter to the MEC of Transport, Safety and Liaison, Patrick Mabilo, requesting him to escalate the lack of cooperation that the detective service is apparently receiving from other departments, to a national level.

This comes after the Public Service Commission pinpointed the lack of cooperation from other departments and organs of state, such as the Department of Correctional Services, Home Affairs, and the Independent electoral Commission, as a challenge experienced by the detective services in the Northern Cape.

The PSC report states that such lack of cooperation has led to unnecessary delays and frustrations in the detective services, especially during investigations of crime cases. Examples provided in the report include that the Department of Correctional Services is reluctant to provide information regarding prison inmates whereas such information is critical, especially where and inmate has to stand trial for other crimes. It is also alleged that the Department of Home Affairs is reluctant to provide detective services with access to its fingerprint database. The fingerprint database, however, is crucial in linking suspects to crimes, especially if such information is not available in the Local Criminal Record Centre.

While the PSC recommends that a Memorandum of Understanding be entered into between the police and the relevant departments and institutions to enable detectives to have access to the required information, the police department has stated in the report that for the police to have access to the Home Affairs and the IEC database, necessary Acts will have to be amended.

The DA believes that it is critical that the police, especially the detective services, is allowed access to the systems residing within government institutions to enable it to effectively fight crime. This, as cooperation from all stakeholders is essential to the work of the detective services, especially in the tracing of suspects, investigating, finalizing investigations and ensuring that justice is properly administered. The DA thus calls on Mabilo to take the matter to national level, where relevant legislative amendments that will make it easier for our detective services to do their work, can be considered.

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