Gauteng Education Dept Must Wait For Appeal Court Ruling

Khume Ramulifho MPL

Spokesperson on Education

The DA is concerned that the Gauteng Education Department is instituting a disciplinary hearing against Rivonia Primary school principal Carol Drysdale for misconduct and insubordination before the Supreme Court of Appeal has been heard.

The hearing was initiated by the Gauteng Department of Education who are arguing Drysdale ignored orders to accommodate a grade one girl, who was six years old at the time, by claiming classrooms were full and her parents were late in applying. Rivonia Primary School’s governing body lost a court case over the matter, but has taken it to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

How can the Department continue with charges against Drysdale if the case has not been finalised? The department must follow due process and wait for the Appeal Court to rule and avoid litigations.

The principal was implementing the decision of the school governing body and did not make the decision on her own.

The Department does have the final say to declare the school full. However, this must be done based on school capacity and the provision of necessary resources like teachers, classrooms and textbooks.

The department should forge a good relationship with the SGB instead of declaring a war.

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