Our Thoughts Must be With SA Motorists

Les Labuschagne MPL

DA Gauteng Legislature

My response to the article on petrol price increases (Sunday Times 9 September) “Fill up….and spare a thought for the Norwegians” is …..REALLY?

I live in South Africa and my thoughts are with our motorists here! What interests me is the purpose of the tables in the article reflecting petrol price comparisons between various countries. So what? Are those rand prices based merely on exchange rates or on purchasing power parity (the Big Mac index)? It is vital to know this in order to determine an accurate comparison. Unless this is clear it in incorrect to insinuate that ” South Africans are still better off than their counterparts in …..and the United Kingdom”

If for example you are living and working in the UK and being paid in pounds, then R17, 22 a litre is very much less out of your pocket than R11,97 a litre for South African motorists.

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