Performance Assessments – KZN Premier Must Explain Why Province Failed To Submit A Single Report

Radley Keys, MPP

DA KZN Alternate Spokesperson on the Office of the Premier

THE KwaZulu-Natal government’s failure to submit a single departmental performance assessment for the 2011/12 financial year not only flies in the face of accountability, it is an indictment against the leadership of the province.

Earlier this week, the national Department of Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation, reported that KZN had not submitted a single performance assessment for any of its 15 provincial government departments. KZN was also ranked as the worst offender out of all nine provinces. According to the report, only three provinces submitted all the required reports – the Western Cape, Limpopo and the Northern Cape.

A spokesperson for the KZN Premier is on record as saying it was “regrettable” that the reports from the province had not reached the national department and that the matter would be brought to the Premier’s attention. What exactly does “regrettable” mean in this instance? At best – we are six months down the track while provincial authorities have no clue where these important documents are. At worst, the assessments were never conducted.

The monitoring unit tasked with this function exists within the Office of the KZN Premier. This incident has again highlighted the appalling controls within this office and calls for a full investigation by the province’s Finance and Scopa portfolio committees.

The Premier is duty-bound to explain this massive blunder to Members of the House. It is unprofessional in the extreme.

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