R27 Million Mamelodi Psychiatric Wards Abandoned

Paul Willemburg MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Infrastructure Development

During my visit to the old Mamelodi Hospital in Tshwane it emerged that the R27 Million allegedly spent on upgrading the facility to accommodate psychiatric patients have amounted to nothing.

The money was allocated to create a much needed psychiatric ward, HIV and TB centres, but nothing has materialised since the funding was allocated.

The doors to the voluntary counselling treatment unit have been removed and is being used as a “tuck-shop” frequented by staff and patients. This is not only illegal, but a health hazard because the disused toilets are overflowing with old faecal matter of which the smell reaches the new building.

The windows of the building are broken, the electrical fittings have been torn out of the walls and broken furniture is discarded throughout .

A professional staff member informed me meetings take place every Monday to discuss a way forward regarding the building, yet nothing has been done.

The staff are constantly under threat from the psychiatric patients who were supposed to be accommodated in the old hospital building but roam the corridors of the new hospital freely under no supervision. A large glass swing door is broken as one of the psychiatric patients attacked a hospital staff member.

The R479 000 car port is almost non-existent due to poor workmanship.

I will pose questions to Infrastructure Development MEC Qedani Mahlangu about the R27 million funding allocation and the future of the facility. It is imperative that this money is effectively spent on upgrading the facility to adequately provide for the needs of patients in the area.

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