Social Development Cannot Fill 1 526 Critical Posts

Hendrika Kruger MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Social Development

According to the Gauteng Social Development Department the 1 526 vacant social worker positions will remain unfilled this financial year due to a lack adequate funding. According to the Department’s First Quarterly Report there is a 92% vacancy rate for these critical positions in the province.

The Department admits in response to the report that it cannot function adequately with these positions vacant.

There is currently a moratorium on the filling of vacant critical positions due to budgetary constraints. Social workers render critical services to some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities in the province, and it is disconcerting that there is no action plan to resolve this matter.

There are currently only 134 social workers servicing the entire Gauteng. In some instances, people who are supposed to benefit from the services provided by social workers are done more harm than good due to the limited numbers of social workers stretching themselves thin to compensate for those who the Department cannot employ.

I will ask the Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza to ensure that the department’s budget distributes resources effectively to guarantee that all critical positions are occupied as soon as possible.

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