Addington in cold water!

Mark Steele MPL

DA Member of the KZN Health Portfolio committee

THE turnaround strategy at Addington Hospital depends on the complete commitment and support of all levels of staff, not just the senior management. All experts acknowledge this fact and the leadership of the Department of Health are well aware of this necessity.

So how do you get a happy and well-motivated staff if they can’t even have a hot shower after coming off duty? A reply to a parliamentary question has confirmed that the heat exchanger at the nurses’ home packed up a ‘few’ years ago and there has been no hot water supplied to the Addington Nurses’ home since 2010. For three years then the nurses have been showering in cold water – a situation guaranteed to lower staff morale and productivity. And why? The matter was never resolved earlier according to the Department ‘due to the change in hospital management’!

Managers may come and go but basic infrastructure needs such as hot water must be provided and this excuse simply won’t wash. The Department has undertaken to include the hot water supply in the tender for the upgrade of the College that was awarded in September 2012 and we look forward to the urgent resolution of the problem.

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