ANC looks after its own at expense of service delivery

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The following member’s statement was delivered by James Masango to the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature this afternoon

The DA is extremely concerned that service delivery to the people in the Dr JS Moroka municipality is being hampered, due to the fact that the municipality has had to pay out over R1 million in legal costs on behalf of its former municipal manager, Mr George Mthimunye.

What is even more concerning is that these legal costs are not due to any negligence or failure on the municipality’s behalf, but due to the criminal behaviour of Mr Mthimunye – who was found guilty on sexual harassment charges.

It is reported that the case is far from being concluded and the cost are estimated to balloon to R20 million in damages, while Mr Mthimunye enjoys himself with a salary of more than R1.4 million per annum as municipal manager, in a municipality that is collapsing under his watch.

The ANC must stop looking after its own comrades at the expense of much needed services.

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