DA deeply disappointed by e-toll go-ahead

Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Transport

The Democratic Alliance is deeply disappointed that transport Minister Ben Martins is proceeding with the Gauteng e-tolls.

The gazetted amounts are not lower than those announced earlier this year and the monthly caps can easily be raised later once the system is implemented.

Government should have at least waited for the outcome of the court case to be heard on 26 November 2012.

The DA advises motorists not to buy an e-tag pending the outcome of the court action. We believe that the huge economic irrationality of the expensive and complex e-toll collection system will be laid bare at the court hearing.

The public must make their views known in the further consultation process and demand that the e-toll contract be made public so that we know the real cost.

Government must not expect the public to sign a blank cheque on the e-tolls.

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