DA request for debate regarding service delivery protests

Roy Jankielsohn MPL DA Spokesperson for Police, Roads and Transport

The Democratic Alliance (DA) today submitted a request to the Speaker of the Free State Legislature for a debate regarding service delivery and on-going service delivery protests in the province.

Police resources should be used to tackle crime, but the ANC is diverting scarce police resources to attend to violent protests as a result of the inability by the ruling party to deliver affective services to marginalized communities.

As a result, the police are increasingly being regarded as the face of the state in such communities.

Recently the Minister of Police, Mr Nathi Mtethwa, indicated in a reply to a question by Darryl Worth, DA MP in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) that :

* 58 service delivery protest occurred in the Free State during the 2010/11 Financial year, and * another 52 service delivery protests occurred in the province during 2011/2012.

Other sources indicate that the number of violent protests that took place in the Free State between January and July this year constitutes 14% of the total service delivery protest since 2004.

The DA regards the on-going service delivery protests as well as overall poor service delivery as a matter of public importance that requires discussion in the form of a debate in the Free State Legislature.

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