DA wants IPID to speed up investigation in Northern Cape

Dirk Stubbe, MP

DA Deputy Shadow Minister of Police

The Democratic Alliance is calling on the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) to speed up the investigation relating to the death of a man who was being held in custody in the Rosedale police cells un Upington.

This is not the first incident of alleged violence by the police against suspects being kept in police holding cells in the province. The police are meant to protect the public, not endanger their lives.

Police brutality is a concern that needs to be addressed urgently. It is not tolerable to allow defenceless human beings to become victims of attack when they are held in custody. Police must refrain from using unnecessary force that can inflict bodily harm, and in more severe cases cause death.

The DA calls on the IPD to prioritize this case, and all similar cases, and see to it that the perpetrators get charged and convicted in a court of law.

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