Economic Development and job creation needs greater focus in Cacadu

Dacre Haddon MPL

DA Member of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

There is a dire need to improve economic conditions of citizens in the Cacadu area.

It was noted at the Parliament to the People in Humansdorp, the large attendance of the community members at the event. Unfortunately many of these folk are unemployed and lamented about the dire lack of work opportunities in their areas.

It is concerning to note how no mention has been made of any Local Economic Development in the report of Local Government presented to the Legislature on Wednesday. This is a serious omission and begs the question whether Cacadu District municipality and sister municipalities are committed to creating sustained economic development and job creation in their area.

Furthermore, I will in my speech to the Legislature today be urging the community to keep the municipal officials in check by providing on-going information and assistance to communities to lever job opportunities in their areas.

In addition I will be highlighting the need for huge improvement in municipal governance before sustained job opportunities emerge. There must be investment confidence from investors and funders if we are to succeed in creating jobs and lifting the Cacadu community out of poverty.

On behalf of the Democratic Alliance, I will in addition be asking the portfolio committee of Local Government in the Legislature to include on-going reports of economic opportunities every time the committee meets.

With severe unemployment rampant in this province every effort by everyone is required to seek out opportunities for all to access the dignity of employment. By neglecting this and not having job creation as the forefront of our municipal agendas, is a ticking bomb for anarchy in this province. This province cannot afford anger and violence that may arise through frustrated communities not being able to access jobs.

It is time to get serious about job creation in Cacadu and get the Cacadu community back to work.

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