Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

The Gauteng Health Department missed 117 (56%) of its 210 targets in the last financial year.

This is revealed in the Department’s Annual Report for 2011/12 that was recently tabled in the Gauteng Legislature.

It’s an abysmal performance, but no surprise to patients who get poor treatment at Gauteng hospitals and clinics.

Poor management is to blame, particularly in areas where the budget was actually not fully spent.

Ambulances responded to only 33% of Priority One emergency calls within 15 minutes instead of the 65% target, but R91 million of the R788 million Emergency Services budget was not spent.

Hospital equipment breaks down all the time, but R257 million (61%) of the R419 million machinery and equipment budget went unspent.

Despite broken lifts and crumbling facilities, R132 million was not spent of the R722 million set aside for building and other fixed structure.

This shows incredible incompetence that needs to be rooted out from this failing department.

I really hope that the Department’s announced turn-around plan succeeds because it is desperately needed.

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