Gauteng Nyaope addiction puts 2 165 in rehab

Hendrika Kruger MPL

DA Gauteng Social Development Spokesperson

A total of 2 165 people have been admitted to rehabilitation centres in Gauteng for Nyaope addiction according to Gauteng Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza’s written reply to my question.

Nyaope is a drug concoction of dagga, Anti-Retrovirals, cheap heroin and other substances.

The MEC says that to date 848 people have been successfully rehabilitated for Nyaope addiction.

The DA in Gauteng alerted the Gauteng Social Development Department to this problem five years ago and until recently the Department had no plan to counter this problem.

This raises important questions regarding the province’s ability to deal with the flow and use of narcotics: with poorly secured borders and relatively cheap travel, new and more dangerous drugs are likely to make an appearance. We need to be read to respond quickly and effectively.

The Department says it has now put a plan in place to curb the problem of Nyaope use in the province. The MEC says the Department has developed an integrated provincial anti substance abuse strategy that provides for holistic, developmental, appropriate and integrated programmes of prevention, treatment, and re-integration as well as after care services for persons with substance abuse problems including Nyaope.

This is crucial as the number of drug-related crimes in Gauteng has skyrocketed to 25 949 in the last year from 16 457.

The DA therefore welcomes the plan of action and will monitor the Department’s implementation of this strategy.

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