Joburg must explain Gauteng ANC bus lane parking privilege

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The Gauteng ANC apparently has special parking rights in the Rea Vaya bus lane in front of Walter Sisulu House, its provincial headquarters on Market Street. The DA has observed this phenomenon on a number of occasions.

It is clear that the owners of the parked vehicles believe that flashing their ANC paraphernalia give them parking rights in bus lanes. Metro police officers pass the parked vehicles without blinking an eye.

The City of Johannesburg must explain why such a privilege is granted to the ANC and its visitors in the CBD where parking is at a premium.

The City must also explain why friends and heavyweights of the ANC can park in the lanes which are designated to allow for the free flow of commuters in the heavily congested CBD. This is also poses a significant safety risk.

Again it seems like a different set of rules apply to the ANC and its associates, while ordinary South Africans bear the brunt of peak hour traffic and a shortage of parking. It was also recently revealed that the ANC’s Luthuli House visitors were given free parking on provincial government property.

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