Land reform success

Mr Rodney Lentit MPP

Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Independent Democrats

Debate: “The success of the equity share land reform schemes in the Western Cape and the factors influencing success in this regard.”

Hon Speaker

In light of the moratorium that was lifted in 2011 to continue funding for equity share schemes, the Western Cape proved that these schemes are the most successful model of land reform on offer.

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture has successfully rolled out the farm equity share scheme model on close to 100 farms in the province.

Therefore, funding allocated for land reform has made it possible that we have emerging farmers who bought a percentage of a farm to make a success of the enterprise and helped with reconciliation and nation-building.


One example is the Lelienfontein Vine Growers group and their partners, Adama Appollo Workers Trust.

To date, they have formed the biggest Black Economic Empowerment deal in the wine industry.

This is also the biggest land reform transaction to take place thus far in the Western Cape.

The dual goals of social upliftment and skills transfer, has formed the heart of this deal.


Workers of Adama Apollo Trust became beneficiaries of the trust, receiving a 30% share in all the vineyards of Bosman Farming and in the Bosman Family Vineyards cellar.

It is evident that the dedication and the will to succeed, has allowed beneficiaries of these schemes to use these opportunities as starter kits to assist them in finding pathways out of impoverished circumstances


My hope is that these successes will have a ripple effect to benefit other deserving farm workers in their lifetime, so that they are not only just fruit pickers – but that they can taste the economic fruits of our democracy.

I thank you!

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