Mayor and Municipal Manager had to be summoned to appear at NW SCOPA

Chris Hattingh MPL

Provincial Leader: North West

The North West Provincial Legislature’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts for the first time ever had to implement legislation to force the Ratlou Mayor Phenyo Victor Mance, the Municipal Manager (Glen Lokomanyane) and certain officials of the Ratlou Municipality to appear at a public hearing interrogating the AuditorGeneral’s Reports on the Finances of their Municipality.

This unprecedented move to issue summonses to the individual officials came after the Ratlou Municipality repeatedly failed to appear at NW SCOPA hearings to which they were invited and to respond timeously to written requests from the NW SCOPA

The arrogance displayed by the municipality, emphasizing their well-established lack of accountability spanning over several years, in refusing to voluntarily appear at Scopa public hearings, appear to be directed at keeping a wrap on repeated AG reports on the Municipality’s “Unauthorized and Irregular Expenditure” (including R21 223 940 due to “non-compliance with supply chain management”), “Material losses and Impairments” and “Material Under spending on Conditional Grants and the Budget”.

The repeated failure of the Ratlou Municipality to be accountable on their financial management and the lack of expenditure and delivery in one of the poorest and most rural is a serious indictment against the quality of municipal leadership and officials of this municipality.

The DA welcomes the issue of summonses to defaulting Municipalities which will hopefully start to put an end to financial irregularities and misconduct, which in certain municipalities, appear to have been happening with impunity.

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