Olifantshoek – educators must take the lead

Dr Allen Grootboom, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Spokesperson of Education

In the on-going protest action in Olifantshoek where children are used as pawns, the Democratic Alliance sides with the children. There is, however, a deafening silence when it comes to educators educating.

Whilst the department has assigned camps for senior learners, what happens to those learners in lower grades? Where are the educators of these learners one has to ask?

We are aware that parents and learners are intimidated but it is about time that educators present themselves at the school. These very important professionals should report to school!

Should they be intimidated, which we trust is not the case, then it is another ball game.

It is understood that a number of the educators are not even in the town or have not yet returned to Olifantshoek after the holidays. This in itself is cause for concern.

The DA will request written responses on the situation surrounding the educators and regards the monitoring and handling of the situation surrounding the educators by the department.

The DA urges the community of Olifantshoek to take any proof that they may have of mismanagement by the municipality straight to the police and to open criminal cases, as the political routes to stem this tragedy have failed. The DA also urges the community not to sacrifice their children’s future for short political gain.

The DA has requested some of our members in the area to speak to learners and parents in the area. A detailed report on this will follow in due course. In the meantime, we want to encourage educators and learners alike to get back into the classroom.

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