Positive Response on Privately Arranged Learner Transport

Mr Rodney Lentit, MPP

Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Independent Democrats

Member’s Statement: Positive Response on Privately Arranged Learner Transport and proposed child in the vehicle safety legislation

Hon Speaker

Allow me to sing my praises to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, for rolling out a series of proactive activities which has promoted the safety and punctual arrival of a large number of our learners to and from schools.

The ripple effects of the minister’s delegation are visible in many residential areas in the Western Cape – especially troublesome areas like Elsies River, Kuils River and Belhar.


Just two days ago the Minister was at SACS Junior School in support of the “Child Safety in the Vehicle” campaign.

Speaker, it is therefore comforting as a parent, that our government is heeding the call to protect our children. There is a great deal of fine print that parents are not aware of when making choices that impact directly on their children.

I support the minister’s consideration of the implementation of child restraints regulations for vehicle operators.

I thank you!

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